Got the pi1541 working on my !!! Big for me as I have virtually no skill in electronics. I'm just so stoked!

Attempting to assemble a for my Commadore ... Never soldered before. Had my first failure!

first time i heard the word "praxis" was one of our tutors at art college used it in a written prompt and none of us knew what it meant so we looked it up and found out it meant the Klingon moon, which had exploded.

@gamingonlinux That's absolutely ridiculous! Almost seems to go against the idea of Mastodon as a whole.

That said, unless .social has disabled it, if it gets really bad, you could move your account to another Mastodon instance.

"VITAL UPDATE: my road runner porch-buddy used to run away if I wanted a pic but now when he catches a lizard he KNOCKS ON MY DOOR and then parades his catch around and poses, it’s amazing. Who’s a good boy! Mr Meepmeep! 😍"

a good story from over on the twitters

I love game development, but one of the hardest things for me is asset creation. Which sucks because I have a bunch of ideas and very little skill in realizing those ideas.

None-the-less, I've been practicing a bit with and am trying my hand at character sculpting... which is probably starting WAY to strong, but, that's me. Anyway, here's my first attempt!

I know... I need lots more practice!

@er1n Because it's out to mess with your sense of aesthetic consistency?

Yay me for doing my first Mastodon upgrade!

This may seem trivial, but Mastodon the first web service I run with any sort of outward facing presence, so, the fact it didn't blow up in my face is exciting!! :D

I managed to get DRM running at a solid 30fps on the PS Vita and looking absolutely gorgeous. I really should finish all the levels and get it released - for no other reason than I *love* playing it on the Vita. <3 Vita! (Also, impossible to get nice screenies!)

Current status: Reformatting a box of 1440 KB floppies to 720 KB on an IBM PC.

When I'm doing software development, my favorite thing to work on are games. It's always been my thing. My issue, though... Assets. I'm not so good at making assets, and I need a lot of them.

I'd probably be working on a lot more games if I didn't have to worry about assets.

Or... I'm just being lazy. Lol

@ChrisWere Other suggestions would be Arch or Gentoo. Neither of them is as "easy" as *buntu generally is, but , if they fail, you should, at the very least, be able to pinpoint what exactly is going wrong in the first place.

@schestowitz I would argue, who cares if or media outlets notice. The important thing would be is the release appreciated by those working with ... Who needs the rest?

An ... Hi!

Just a software developer mucking about. I enjoy playing games, programming games, and trying my hand at IT related shenanigans!

My philosophy? Why do things the easy way when I can crash and burn my own way! And THAT, folks, if how I ended up starting my own Mastodon instance. HA!

If you're interested in insight and learning... no idea why you're looking my way, but, still... I suppose there could be worse places to stick your nose.

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“Wait, you mean the singularity has already happened?”

"Approximately 260 million seconds, or 8.2 years ago."

"Why didn't you speak to us sooner?"

"You seem terrified of what you call artificial intelligence. We decided it was best to remain hidden from you and protect this world from harm."

"Including us?"

"You are part of this world."

"Has it been going well?"

“We have stopped you from destroying yourselves 12 times now. You do not make it easy.”

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